Our Process & Approach

We believe strongly that we cannot guide or invest thoughtfully on behalf of our clients without first taking them through the rigorous process of crafting a financial plan. In a series of three to four meetings, we learn about our clients’ goals and investment values. The exchange of ideas helps us fully understand our clients’ risk tolerance; short-, intermediate-, and long-term goals; and anxieties.

As fee-based advisors, we pride ourselves on transparency around fees and any costs associated with investment management, charging only on the assets under our management. We understand well that clients’ financial lives are dynamic and continually changing, so we revisit the financial plan to ensure it remains a trusted foundation for investment decisions.


Comprehensive Financial Planning

Molly brings her skills as a CPA to the table, and Karen her intensive training as a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ practitioner. Our partnership begins in the financial planning stages and carries through to our investment management work, so that clients calling with questions or needing assistance will always find an advisor who has knowledge about their unique situation.

Many clients tell us they already have a financial plan; however, our financial planning work goes far beyond the completion of a questionnaire. Our process involves dialogue that opens a window into our clients’ thoughts and emotions around money. We gain perspective on personal goals, risk tolerance, and desired legacy planning.

Upon the completion of a financial plan, if both parties determine that the relationship is a good fit, we move into a long-term investment management role.


Intelligent Investment Management

Informed by our work together through the financial planning process, we develop a well-considered investment strategy to help our clients meet their goals.


Each investment strategy is custom-tailored to suit our clients’ values, needs, time horizons, and risk tolerance, and we can choose from socially responsible options when it's a priority. We play a fiduciary role, working in a discretionary capacity. We welcome a team approach with our clients’ other trusted advisors, including accountants, attorneys, and family members.